Consultant Invoice Template – Learning About It

If you are to make an official request payment for consulting services like business strategy, IT consulting, management consulting and the likes, you should download Consultant invoice template. Saving the invoice is for accounting record purposes. It contains description of the hourly rate, the types of the consulting services as well as the transaction sates and time.

How to Make Consulting Invoice in Microsoft Word and Adobe PDF

Step 1 – You can create consulting invoice template using Adobe PDF (.pdf) or Microsoft Word (.doc). All you need is to download it.Consultant Invoice Template

Step 2 – In the template, you will see a From field. Make sure to enter data like the phone number, fax number, email address as well as the company’s name.

Step 3 – Write the company’s name as well as its complete contact information of the company you are billing for your services. It should be written in the To field.

Step 4 – You have to enter data on specific field. Make sure that you indicate the mode of payment whether it is in cash, check or electronic transfer. You should enter it in the right portion of the fee schedule template. In the Purchase Order # field, you need to enter the invoice number. At the left portion enter the Agreement # if it under the agreement/contract.

Step 5 – Dates should be input. Make sure that you provide variety of dates as per your convenience. Make sure that each services performed comes with dates.

For a period of time, make sure that the services you rendered to your clients should be totaled. In order to come up with this, you need to specifically describe the services. For the given service, each should come with hourly rate. Make sure to total the rate times the number of hours. All of this should be input in the right column.

How to make excel accounting template using Microsoft Excel (.xls)

Step 1 –  If you want to create an invoice, you can download in Microsoft Excel (.xls).Consultant Invoice Template

Step 2 – Make sure you enter data like business name on the top portion and the invoice number and date as well as the work number if required in the bottom portion.

Step 3 – Next thing you should do is to input the contact details of the company where you are going to bill at the right. In the same invoice, the company address, fax number, phone number as well as the email if required should be enter.

Step 4 – In the consulting templates table, make sure that you allocate one row for every services rendered. In the first column, describe the services like web consulting. The other part of the templates should contain the hourly rate of the services, its number of hours and make the total at the right column. In order to have the grand total the client owes you per an hourly services, add the total you come up in the right column. Take note that if there is any taxes, record it below the total figures.

Step 5 – If you are to total or record service rates or costs that are not counted per hour, you may use the Other Services Section. In order to come up with the grand total bill the client needs to pay, add the amount to the hourly services.

Step 6 – At the bottom left of the purchase order template excel or word, make sure to enter the name of the company where you can read “Make all checks payable to.” If there is any comments, payment due or any other information concerning it, indicate it in the lower left field of the invoice.



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